A Letter from our Founder


I wanted to share my personal story and belief with you, when it comes to fashion.

In a digital age, we can get constant inspiration from Style Leaders, friends and strangers. But what about translating that inspiration to the physical world?

I believe that fashion allows us to experience new things every time we get dressed.
Our personal style allows us to start our day with a brief moment of creativity, express who we are and support what we want to be in every single moment.

For a long time, I wasn’t able to embrace this belief, since it involved spending too much money, a messy closet and the worse part- feeling spoiled and irresponsible about sustainability and the environment.

In a moment of pure self-acceptance, I realized
The desire to experience new fashion inspirations is not a problem. The price we had to pay for it is.
I wanted to have the ability to be as playful as possible, with no limitations!

So I created Trench.

I believe in experimenting, without a price, in a way that is positive, responsible and up-lifting.
The power to create this reality lies within YOU.

The Trench model allows us to create a network of fashion by connecting with each other. Together, each of us can have ownership over our belongings and at the same time, have a way to let go without regrets.

Trench is for you. And I hope you like it.
Thank you for being here!…



Founder & CEO


Adi Shemesh is a tech entrepreneur and the CEO & Founder of TRENCH.

Adi combined her passion for digital currencies and fashion with her experience as an economist at the Central Bank of Israel and as a business strategist, to formulate the concept behind this innovative startup.

Adi was featured in Forbes 30 under 30 list
in Israel on February 2016
and holds a B.A in Economics and Business from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.