Your never-Ending Closet

Change forever what you believe about Buying and selling fashion

Liberate the fashionista within you!
Trench is an award-winning app that preserves the value you truly deserve for your fashion pieces and gives you back the power over your belongings.

Join the Trench movement to shop as much as you want without worrying about your finances, closet space or the environment!


Buy and Sell using a point system

without spending a dime

What you give is what you get!
Trench uses its own exclusive and proprietary currency — Diamonds that preserve the true value of any item sold.
With the Diamonds, you finally have a great way out of your closet for pieces you’re done using and a way to shop every single day without spending a dime!


From your favorite IG closets to yours

Treat the world as your wardrobe

Get a glimpse of anyone's style and literally grab it from their closet.

Join the other fashionistas in your city to experiment with new and exciting pieces constantly without ever getting stuck with a ‘shopping accident’!


Easy & rewarding closet clean up

Super Easy and super responsible

Besides having a constant flow of new clothes and connecting with fellow fashionistas, Trench has marked as its main value to promote sustainability and circular fashion.

We believe we can all be highly active consumers and promote sustainability at the same time when we work together.
Join us to promote sustainability in fashion #FashionistasForEarth


discover a whole new way to shop pre-owned fashion


Z Best Dressed project

Z Best Dressed List by Trench, in collaboration with Hearst Magazines, features the top 100 Generation Z best style icon women of NYC.

Join the Trench Ambassadors

Love Trench? Join the Trench Fam as one of Trench’s Ambassadors to enjoy special perks and exclusive events with the style leaders of NYC.

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