More About Trench

Your Never Ending Closet.

Feel like it’s tough to be a fashionable and active consumer and promote sustainability at the same time? Trench is for you!

Trench is an iOS app for Generation Z women.

Trench is an award-winning platform that maintains the true value of your fashion pieces when you’re trading, gives you power over your belongings and lets you experiment with your fashion choices more than ever.

On Trench, you can treat the world as your wardrobe. Get a glimpse at anyone's style and literally grab it from their closet. You can buy and sell clothes without worrying about your finances, the environment or precious closet space.

The app uses its own proprietary currency (Diamonds) that helps preserve the true value of the items being traded.  This allows users to experiment with their fashion choices more than ever before and allows its users to become true closet sisters!

Join other stylish fashion influencers on the Trench App to Shop without spending money, sell without losing value.